So, the voting on Satoexchange ended. Our project has been pre-selected, thanks to the voices of our community, as well as ordinary people who just wanted to help us. We thank all those who voted. It is really important for us and we will not forget it. For all of you we have compiled a playlist of the best songs already published on the site.

Please note that this is our brand music player, designed specifically for this site and we continue to work on its functionality.

Now I would like to tell you why this project is still worthy of listing. We initially go our own way, completely different from the others. This path has yet to be paved and we are making every effort to do so. We did not sell coins on the ICO, we did not give out a huge bounty and we have already made a working platform for our token entirely at our own expense. We see this project as a permanent job for many people. It is more important for us not to sell as many tokens as possible, but to make a powerful platform on which the Commission from the turnover of tokens will be only one item of income, but not the only one.

Project Russian.Hiphop is designed to unite independent rap artists and fans of this musical direction. The portal is created not only for the sale of music, this site activity extends much wider. Here, in principle, it is not necessary to buy something, if you just want to listen to music online. You can always go here, choose your favorite tracks and click play. And this music will always be with you on almost any modern device that has an Internet browser. We will never have limits on listening, never have annoying audio ads.

However, paid features will also be. They are for those who want more. For example, if you want to download a musical composition or buy a brand merch from the artist. You can buy tickets to the concert and participate in fundraising for the new album of your favorite artist. Or you can just thank the artist for the good music by sending him some RHH tokens.

Yes, the RHH token will be used for calculations on the site. In this regard, we are ready to provide only half of the available tokens for the exchanges, the rest are frozen for the needs of the site, for its normal operation. The emission of the RHH is limited to 10 000 000 tokens.

What will happen to the token rate? At the initial stage, we will offer the token price of 0.000025 BTC. We practically did not give out tokens for free and especially did not sell them, so there will be simply no one to drain the course. You have a chance to get tokens at the very start of sales and one of the first. In desperation from other projects that have already received their money on the ICO, the course is important for us and we will set the necessary level of support to avoid excessive volatility. When the tokens reserved for the site are fully implemented, we will have to buy the coins from the exchanges to ensure the smooth operation of the site. It will be not just a token for speculation on exchanges, but a token provided with real goods and services.

We hope that Satoexchange will be our first partner. For our part, we are ready to support the exchange with our information support, indicate you on the site as partners and will attract traders to trade on this site.

Our team:

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